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deviation in storage by CafeMewMew

If I offered to do commissions would you buy one? If so, how much would you be willing to pay? (Just to get an idea for myself) 

9 deviants said Ummmm...don't quit your day job?
8 deviants said Maybe about $10 for something colored.
5 deviants said Other. (leave a comment)
4 deviants said Uhh...think I have $5 sitting around.
3 deviants said Probably around $25 for a colored picture.
2 deviants said My wallet is open to you! Name your price!


Waka RPG by WakaMiyafuji
Waka RPG
Saw a few other artists around doing a similar thing with their OCs.

Here's my little take on it.
Natsu Tight Shirt by WakaMiyafuji
Natsu Tight Shirt
Waka's cousin Natsu in a slightly different outfit.  That chest isn't inflated either.
Cosplay - Manji by WakaMiyafuji
Cosplay - Manji
I just love :iconmanjiluo:'s mage outfit. Very cute.

Thankfully Waka fits into it, their hips and thighs seem similar.

Really happy with the shape of her and tried an experiment with showing her belly ring under the cloak pushing against it a little since her belly wouldn't be totally smooth.


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This is going to be a somewhat serious entry and one I have honestly wanted to avoid for awhile but recent stuff makes me feel I actually have to bring it up.

As the title suggests this is about Requests and Art Trades.  I'm not against them, the fact I have a folder in my gallery titles "Requests and Fan Work" should sum that up nicely, but...I feel some people just...don't get the idea behind it.

Again, I don't mind doing them but until now I've had no guidelines for it so I'm going to lay them out.


I get a lot of asks for these but to be honest...I don't do them that often.  Sure a nice idea may come along but more often than not it'll be from someone I'm not familiar with. I'm more likely to do one for someone I know.

Now if you are going to ask for one...note me. Again, Note Me!

I don't really like reading my comment stacks and seeing on a current picture I did someone asking if I can draw something unrelated. I'd rather comments on my about the actual pictures

Also...I can refuse to do one. I won't always give an explanation (because I don't really have to) but requesting me to draw something...won't always turn something up.

If I'm in a mood to take requests...I'll make that known.

Art Trades

I'm more likely to art trade than a one way request but after a fairly recent one (no, not the PJ Party one) I have to set some kind of rule here too.

Again, I can not want to do one and it'll depend on the artist. If I know them somewhat well and get the idea it'll be a good trade then awesome! I've just had experiences where I've turned up my end of the deal...but never hear from this person again.

EDIT: If you write more than draw don't feel you have to be an artist to do a trade, I can sketch something and you can write something.


I've entertained the idea in my head for awhile but...still on the fence.  I wouldn't even know where to begin and I don't even know if I could consider my art good enough someone should pay money for.  Now if you look at my art and say "Hey! I'm not as good as you and I take commissions." that's fine, it's just a personal thing with me.

There may come a day I do that but until then...won't be taking those.

So I hate to have to kinda lay the ground rules but as I said before I feel it has to be done.  Sorry if it makes me come across as some kind of jerk or makes you think "Wow! Getting all this attention and snubbing your fans who wanna see specific art." because that is not my intention but I don't wanna be walked all over at the same time.

UPDATE: Something that recently happened while writing this makes me need to include this. Probably a non issue but just to make it clear to some...

I don't draw specifically for you! I won't name any names but I was sent a Note demanding I no longer draw any art depicting deflation but instead to post it in my scraps because they don't like it and I should have known better.

This person has already blocked me after I explained in some detail how wrong, childish, and selfish that kind of a reaction really is so problem solved itself I guess.  But if you should take away anything from this it's that I don't draw just for you and you somehow get to dictate what I can't do. This also goes for any other artist.  I mean unless you are commissioning something...that's another story. But you never have the right to approach an artist and say, for example, "I saw you drew this anthropomorphic should know I don't like that type of artwork. Please don't put anything like that in your gallery anymore." as though you somehow own this person and they have to listen to you.

This may attract some drama, but I won't name any names for obvious reasons. It's just something I felt should be brought up.


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